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Värmeväst med uppladdningsbara batteri

Värmeväst med uppladdningsbara batteri

Här har du den, värmevästen med stort V - Värm Mig -  din nyaste allra bästa vän!!

Varm och go i alla väder och alltid redo att dela med sig till just dig. <3


Tänk dig att värmen bara är ett tryck iväg när du ska gå ut med hunden, står ute på träningsplanen eller håller till i en kylig hundhall. Passar såklart även innomhus om du som jag bor i ett gamalt torp med  uppfriskande 16 grader innomhus i vinterväder.


Värmevästen har tre olika inställningar, (30°C, 40°C och 50°C grader) som ställs in via knapparna i påsen. Västen uppnår önskad temperatur på ungefär en minut och beroende på vald värmenivå kan den användas med värme mellan 4-6 timmar. Värmen kommer ifrån infraröd teknik som avger värme nerifrån och upp. 


Uppladdingsbart batteri som praktiskt nog även fungerar till att ladda mobilen såklart, perfekt för oss som virrar omkring i skog och mark med halvladdat batteri i telefonen.



  • 5V powerbank följer med
  • 5 värme element
  • 3 olika värmeinställningar
  • vatten och smutsavvisande
  • robust andningsbart material
  • lätt figursydd i damstorlek
  • justerbara storlekar


Finns i dubbelstorlekar:

Dam: small/medium och medium/large 

Herr: medum/large och large/xl
Garanti: väst 2 år, powerbank 1 år


  • Usemanual

    User Manual Read these operating instructions carefully, keep them for later use, make them available to other users and observe the notes and warnings. Check the scope of delivery for external integrity of the packaging and for completeness of the contents. Before use, ensure that there is no visible damage to the product and that any packaging material has been removed. If you identify any damage, do not use the product and contact us. Operating instructions: 1. Connect a 5V powerbank to the designated plug inside the bag. 2. Outside of the vest is the power on button. Press the on button for 3 seconds. The product is now active and heating at full power (color red is solid). 3. The product has 3 heating levels, which can be adjusted by briefly pressing the power button. The levels can be identified by color. Red = highest heating level, White = medium heating level and Blue = lowest heating level. EN 4. To switch off the product, press the power button again for 3 seconds. NOTE: Please be aware that the operating time and/or temperature of the product may be reduced with powerbanks from other manufacturers and in very cold temperatures. Recommendation: When not using the product's warming function, disconnect the powerbank by unplugging the cable from the powerbank. You can achieve the fastest heating of the product by first setting the highest temperature level (red). The product will heat up within 5min. Cleaning and maintenance of the product: Wash the product by hand wash or 30° degree easy care setting. No contact with sea salt, solvents, alcohol, gasoline and any other chemical detergents. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for failure to comply with these recommendations on the part of users. Complaints: The guarantee is 2 years for the product from the date of purchase. Excluded from this are the improper use of the item, renting the item, the user's own fault, wearing parts, public use or use in communities, modifications to the product, improper cleaning or storage, accessories, normal wear and tear of the product (visual aspect) and damage and repairs not attributable to the manufacturer. If a defect occurs that you believe is a manufacturing or material defect and if the warranty period has not expired since the date of purchase, return the product to the dealer from whom you purchased it. The item will be exchanged after a thorough inspection. In all other cases, we will charge for the repair, materials and shipping costs upon prior agreement. The warranty is not valid in any case if the proof of purchase is not enclosed. Often the reason for complaints are operating errors. Those can often be solved by phone. Please contact us: Outchair GmbH E-mail: Phone: +49 162 7553501 WARNINGS: • This product must not be used by persons who are hypersensitive to heat or by other vulnerable persons who cannot react to overheating • This product must not be used on young children (0-3 years) because they cannot respond to overheating. • This product may be used by young children (3-8 years) only under adult supervision. • This product may be used by older children (8 years and older) and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, only if they are supervised and/or have been instructed concerning the safe use of the product and have a satisfactory understanding of the hazards involved. • Do not insert needles. • Do not use folded or collapsed. • Do not use soaked. • Do not pull, twist or bend sharply on the leads. • This product must be checked regularly to see if it shows any signs of wear or damage. If such signs are present or if the product has been used improperly, it must first be checked by the manufacturer before being switched on again. • While the product is switched on -no object (e.g. suitcase or wicker basket) should be placed on it -no heat source such as a bed bottle, heating pad or similar should be placed on it. • Note that the product must not be dry cleaned, wrung out, machine dried, ironed or pressed. Otherwise, the product may be damaged. • Do not reconnect the product to the powerbank/battery/battery pack until the product and the connector plug of the connecting cable are completely dry. Otherwise, the product may be damaged. What to do in case of problems? The product does not warm up: - Is the product turned on? - Is the power bank/battery/battery pack charged? - Check if the connector plug is firmly inserted into the connector socket of the powerbank/battery/battery pack. - If the power bank/battery/battery is used near strong magnetic fields, it may malfunction. Change its location, disconnect it and reconnect it. Technical data See washing label

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Förväntad leverans v50
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